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Alpharetta Roofing Pros offers an extensive selection of roof solutions for commercial properties. From repairs to replacements, we have you covered!

Alpharetta, GA, Roofers Have Been Providing Quality Commercial Roofing Services For Years

Alpharetta, GA, roofing pros is a premier commercial roofing contractor company providing quality service to clients in the area. They provide a wide range of services for all types of commercial roofs, including repair and maintenance work, installation of new roofs, and complete re-roofing projects. Their experienced team consists of highly trained professionals who use leading manufacturers’ best materials and tools to ensure satisfaction and long-term reliability. Customers can be assured that Alpharetta GA Roofing Pros will provide the highest workmanship to meet their needs. The company prides itself on maintaining an excellent safety record and staying up-to-date with the latest industry regulations. With a full selection of services available, they will surely have a solution for any commercial roofing project! 

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How Alpharetta, GA, Roofers Can Help You With Your Commercial Roofing Needs

  • Roof repairs and maintenance – Alpharetta, GA, roofers will comprehensively inspect your existing commercial roofing system to determine if any repairs or maintenance is needed. They are experienced in all flat and low-slope roofs, including metal, shingle, single-ply membrane, and modified bitumen systems. 
  • Installation of new commercial roofs – In Alpharetta, GA, roofers can install various commercial roofs built to last. Their experienced team members can work on flat and low-slope roofs and utilize the latest industry standards for leak prevention systems. They will also provide customized solutions for your specific needs. 
  • Re-roofing services – Alpharetta, GA, roofers can help you if your existing commercial roof has been damaged or aged and needs to be replaced. Their team will complete the damage assessment and provide a customized solution that meets all local building codes. 

In Alpharetta, GA, roofers offer a comprehensive range of services to secure your commercial building’s rooftop. From expertly trained inspections and repairs to new installations or whole re-roofing projects – no job is too challenging for their experienced team! With the latest industry standards used in leak prevention systems and customized solutions tailored precisely towards your needs, experience peace of mind knowing that only quality work will be done on time and within budget.

Get Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions On How Our Team Will Provide You With Top-notch Commercial Roofing Services

Q: What types of roofing materials can be used for commercial roofing?

A: Commercial roofing projects commonly involve materials such as built-up and single-ply membranes, asphalt shingles, PVC and TPO membranes, metal roof systems, and more. The material chosen for a particular project will depend on the type of building, its size and architecture, and local climate conditions. 

Q: How long do commercial roofs typically last?

A: The durability of commercial roofs can vary significantly depending on the quality of installation and upkeep procedures, weather conditions, and the type of materials used in the construction. Generally speaking, high-quality commercial roofs are designed to last anywhere from 15 to 30 years or more with proper maintenance. 

Q: What is involved in maintaining a commercial roof?

A: Regular roof maintenance is essential to ensure your commercial roof remains serviceable. Maintenance generally includes regular inspections, repairs or replacement of aging components like flashings or vents due to deteriorating caulk or seals, removal of debris like leaves and dirt build-up, keeping gutters free from clogs, resealing existing seams or joints if needed, and caulking surfaces. 

Q: Are there any specific regulations or requirements for commercial roofs in Alpharetta, GA, that business owners should know before getting started on a project?

A: If you’re planning a commercial roofing project in Alpharetta, GA, you should be aware of some important regulations and requirements. According to the city of Alpharetta’s building codes, all roofs must be constructed with wind uplift resistance (WUR) of at least 80 lbs/ft2 minimum and 90 lbs/ft2 maximum. Additionally, any new or replacement roofs must be constructed using materials that have minimum fire resistance ratings. Other commercial roof requirements include installing appropriate ice barriers and drainage systems to prevent water damage and structural failure. Finally, apply for the necessary permits before starting your project; otherwise, it won’t meet legal requirements. 

Q: What kind of maintenance does a commercial roof typically require?

A: Commercial roofs protect the building and its occupants whether a small business or a big corporation. To keep them running optimally for years to come requires regular upkeep – from inspecting at least twice each year, repairing any damage as soon as possible, checking for signs of deterioration such as cracks and rust spots, ensuring seals are intact with proper cleaning techniques used regularly to remove dirt & debris build-up; all these steps guarantee long term roof performance without interruption. Addressing ventilation issues is also key to limiting temperature fluctuations on the surface that can result in costly repairs down the line if left unattended! 

Q: What are some environmental impacts of using different materials for a commercial roof?

A: When selecting a material for a commercial roof, it is important to consider the energy required to produce it, its life cycle, and potential toxins emitted during production. Metal roofs require more energy than fiberglass or plastic composite roofs; however, they may contain potentially toxic elements like zinc and chromium, which can leach into runoff water. Fiberglass and plastic composite roofs are lighter in weight with better-insulating properties than metal but can release pollutants upon degradation that harm waterways and aquatic life. Choosing an eco-friendly material with minimal pollutants is key when considering all options for a commercial roof. 

Q: What safety measures should be taken when working on a commercial roof?

A: When working on a commercial roof, it is important to take the necessary safety measures. Ensure that the area is free from debris and any other potential hazards. Wear slip-resistant shoes with good traction and protective clothing like long pants and secure shoes. Make sure to inspect your tools and equipment before use. Have safety harnesses on hand in case you need to use them. Secure areas of non-slip surfaces like grates and ladders. Avoid carrying heavy loads up ladders, if possible. Finally, keep an eye out for inclement weather and wildlife when working on a commercial roof. 

Q: How can owners tell if their current commercial roof needs to be replaced?

A: It’s important for commercial roof owners to inspect their roofs regularly and be aware of any signs indicating a need for replacement. Common indicators include cracked, buckling, curling, or blistering shingles; missing granules; visible mold growth; and leaking. If the roof is more than 20 years old and there is evidence of wear and tear from the elements, it’s probably time to consider replacing it. 

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